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Семь Ветров: Информационно-Маркетинговая Служба по туризму - туризм и реклама в интернет: E-mail маркетинг (туристическая рассылка), продвижение сайтов (баннерная и контекстная реклама), поддержка компьютеров и многое другое  Семь Ветров: Информационно-Маркетинговая Служба по туризму - туризм и реклама в интернет: E-mail маркетинг (туристическая рассылка), продвижение сайтов (баннерная и контекстная реклама), поддержка компьютеров и многое другое

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Тел.: (495) 638-54-70

For international partners

01Dear Colleagues, international partners, receiving parties for Russian travel companies!

We are glad to offer you an absolutely new service to facilitate your interaction with your Russian partners.

Over 235 travel companies have already used our services. For the most part they are tour operators. We mainly work on the B2B travel market – the area of interaction between tour operators and travel agencies. We reach more than 20 000 travel companies all over Russia. 

As our activities expand we have to interact with foreign partners – receiving parties for Russian tour operators – who have asked us to work out a new product to facilitate their partner search in Russia among travel companies, in particular, tour operators. The objective of this new product is to develop the travel product of a foreign partner, to conclude contracts with tour operators that could include certain elements of the product of the receiving party (accommodation, excursions, transfers etc.) in their travel products. Our further research demonstrated the need for the service, showed that it is timely and in great demand. Tested on our partner from the Argentine the advertising campaign proved its phenomenal efficiency – on the day after the launch the new partners exchanged their bank details to conclude a contract!     


Excellent results and extremely positive feedback allow us to offer a wider circle of international partners an ample opportunity to work with our Russian travel companies with better output. The cooperation we are offering you will definitely be profitable for you and will encourage the development of the Russian travel market. 

The key instrument of the service is mailing your business offers, your company and service descriptions, travel packages (everything that is actually on display at a trade fair) to all the Russian travel companies and, in particular, tour operators. At the moment our database contains over 20 000 e-mail contacts of travel companies from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities of Russia (the total of 211 cities). Our database is continuously maintained and updated. 

The prices of e-mailing services start from $180  per month which is ten times as low as an ad in any printed media, a commercial or participation in a trade fair.

The e-mailing service includes drawing up an eye-catching  lay-out performed in your corporate colours and with your logo, placing a picture, a link to your web-site and other efficient elements in the body of the letter. We’ll also be glad to help compose a text that works and that is correct from the marketing point of view. A letter can have attachments – your tour programs.

Preparing your e-mailing we will also take care of the following:

  1. file optimization, proof-reading, format change (it is normally required that the file be small);
  2. photo optimization (changing size and resolution, improving quality);
  3. continuous offer correction: changing prices, departure dates etc.;
  4. placing your materials on our web-site, if necessary;
  5. drawing up new lay-outs for new tours and SPOs.

Apart form that, we have a schedule of e-mailings and we work with our partners: update addresses, subscribe and unsubscribe them. Direct mail, applications from travel companies and direct telephone inquiries – we use all of these ways to work with our partners.   

The e-mails will eventually be sent in accordance with the fixed schedule to over 20 000 e-mail addresses of travel companies in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and 211 other cities of Russia.

The quality of our work is best seen in the feedback of our clients: 

Transaero Tours:
‘We’ve been working together for quite a long while. And there’s actually nothing negative we can say about our cooperation. We use e-mailings a lot: the lay-outs are of good quality, drawn up quickly, duly and properly corrected. Everything is customer-friendly and the service is very good. It has been a pleasant and fruitful cooperation!

Best regards, Tatiana Pleshakova,
Head of advertising department, Transaero Tours Centre, LLC’

‘We are really happy with our cooperation with the Seven Winds company. The whole working process is pretty convenient, everything is done quickly and in accordance with our needs. General efficiency, excellent lay-outs, friendly and attentive staff – all this makes our cooperation really nice and effective.     

Best regards, Elmira Latipova,
Head of Indian Ocean and Caribbean islands department, Transaero Tours Centre, LLC’

Gardariki Service:

‘Gardariki Service, LLC would like to sincerely thank the Seven Winds company for cooperation. We are quite happy with its results. We ordered the smallest mailing package for a start (twice a week for a month) and the first few mailings brought us new partners who by now have placed several orders with us. Our cooperation with the Seven Winds company appeared to be more effective than any of our recent advertising projects. We did appreciate the quick and professional way all the issues related to lay-outs, scheduling etc. were dealt with. That is why we decided to continue our cooperation and we hope that it will be just as fruitful in the future.

Best regards, Julia Ashmarina, Head of business travel and booking department,
Gardariki Service, Group of Companies’

European Travel Bureau, Tour Operator:

‘We would like to point out a few things about the work of Seven Winds, Travel Information and Marketing Service: quick replies, friendly attitude, a very nice lay-out, professional advice as to how to draw up and design an offer. All this made our work pleasant and efficient. We’ll be glad to continue our cooperation!’

Classic Travel, Tour Operator:

‘We would like to thank the Seven Winds company for their efficiency, responsiveness to the customer needs and well planned mailings. There hasn’t been a single (!) mistake or problem in the several months of our cooperation, which is surprising given the peculiarities of the business. Managers immediately react to the customer’s requests and are always eager to help. Thanks a lot!’


‘SKY-WORLD-TOUR would like to express sincere gratitude to the head and the staff of Seven Winds for their great work.
Your innovations and efforts allowed us to meet partners from other cities and countries. Lots of clients come to us thanks to your e-mailing.
We wish you prosperity, further development, long-lasting cooperation, health and respect.’  

From the Skype correspondence with SKY-WORLD-TOUR: ‘Hello! We would like to thank you and all of the company staff for the excellent work. We’ve got oceans of clients. All the best to you and your kin!!!’

In fact our work is not limited with one lay-out only. We create integral packages of materials for versatile and ‘multi-accent’ advertising and thus, increase the reach of your target audience.

It is up to you whether to include an overview of just a few or dozens of tours in the lay-out.

And all this is included in the price of the client contract!

05 To sum up the point of the service imagine that the trade fair is over. You have reached a certain number of potential partners who managed to visit the show.
And now imagine that you transfer the result over the whole year (as we will be working for you all year round!) and you reach the whole Russian market, over 211 cities, i.e. all the companies, not only those who came to the trade show.
And your information will be extremely convenient to work with (as it’s going to be in the electronic form): you can send more information, it is easier to store and return to it whenever necessary, you can use links and photos. Apart from that, compare your trade fair expenses and a monthly cost of our services!

Seven Winds price-list:

Monthly mailing price list

Mailing type

Mailing frequency

Price per month, $

Bonus quantity
Second and consecutive months
First month (entry see)
Starter 1 *
1 mailing a week
(5 a month)
117 139
Starter 2 *
2 mailing a week
(9 a month)
Starter 3 * 3 mailing a week
(14 a month)
224 261 14
Starter 4 *
4 mailing a week
(18 a month)
295 343
5 mailing a week
(22 a month)
2 mailing a day
(44 a month)
Professional 3
3 mailing a day
(66 a month)
Professional 4
4 mailing a day
(88 a month)
Professional 5
5 mailing a day
(110 a month)
Professional 6
6 mailing a day
(132 a month)
Professional 7
7 mailing a day
(154 a month)
Professional 8
8 mailing a day
(176 a month)
Professional 9
9 mailing a day
(198 a month)
Professional 10
10 mailing a day
(220 a month)
Professional 15
15 mailing a day
(330 a month)
Professional 20
20 mailing a day
(440 a month)

Package mailing price list

Mailing quantity Price per package, $ Bonus quantity
Second and consecutive months First month (entry see)
20 + 3 Bonus 633 703 23
50 + 2 Bonus 1336 1484 52
100 1906 2118 100

* the minimum order for mailing type "Starter 1, 2, 3, 4" and "Economy" - 3 months

To pay our services you can use international money transfer systems (for example, Western Union), bank transfer, visa and master cards (emited in CIS countries).

We will be glad to answer all your questions!

Sincerely yours, Anton Safronov,
General manager, Seven Winds
E-mail: director@7vetrov.msk.ru |
Tel.  +7 495 638-54-70 ext.7 | Mob. 8-909-988-68-82 | Skype: ims_7_vetrov

Seven Winds


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